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Islamic Banking
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C O M M E R C I A L & T R A D E F I N A N C E

The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan with the end of long run internal conflict, is presently under a vibrant socio-economic reconstruction phase. This has opened up many avenues for Trading, Construction, Manufacturing, Service and Import activities offering a big scope and potential for various Business Activities in these sectors. Realising the National Importance of Credit deployment in the above segments of the business & in order to help the upcoming entrepreneurs; Maiwand Bank has come up with various Credit Facilities for promoting commercial activities in the country.

Maiwand Bank extends credit facilities to meet the entire range of fund requirements of any lawfully permitted commercial activities. The range of assistance is for :-

Fund Based Facilities :
  • Procurement of Capital goods like Equipment, Machinery, Furniture, Factory Premises, Vehicles etc.
  • Procurement of Inventories, Raw Materials, Stocks, Spares etc.
  • Supporting supply chains, production & marketing operations, internal cash flows.

The major facilities being offered are in the following nature :-
  1. Over Draft / Cash Credit            (click here for more details)
    • Cost Saving - interest charged funds availed on daily product basis.
    • Revolving Credit through out the business cycle.
    • Renewal / Roll over after the expiry date.
    • Competitive Rate of Interest.
  2. Demand Loan                               (click here for more details)
    • Bridges the Fund Gap in business for shorter periods.
    • Easy and Fast Processing.
    • Interest calculated on daily product basis.
    • Renewal / Roll over after the expiry date.
    • Competitive Rate of Interest.
  3. Term Loan                                   (click here for more details)
    • Need based finance on easy terms.
    • Moratorium & Repayment Period based on Fund Flows.
    • Interest calculated on daily product basis.
    • Competitive Rate of Interest.
Non - Fund Based Facilities : Bank, through its letters of commitment by way of Guarantees and Letter of Credits on specified Term and Conditions; will assure the Beneficiary on behalf of the Applicant about the fulfillment of contracted obligations by the Applicant.
The Non Fund Based Facilities are in the form of :-
  1. 1. Bank Guarantees                (click here for more details)
    • Better option when compared to Security Deposit.
    • Release of Mobilisation Funds / Advance Payments by Beneficiary to the contractor.
  2. Letters of Credit                      (click here for more details)
    • Guarantee to the Buyer about assured Supply of Goods.
    • Better Negotiability of the Purchase Terms

Maiwang Bank is in the process of finalizing the Personal & Retail Banking Products and same will be announced shortly.

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