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Islamic Banking
EXCLUSIVE: Maiwand Bank
First time in afghanistan with Islamic Banking services.

Credit Products:

As per the another primary function of the bank, Maiwand bank will provide various credit products both fund based and non-fund based to the eligible borrowers with the prudent lending guidelines and various laws and regulations of Da Afghanistan Bank.

A.  Fund Based Credit Facilities:

  1. Demand Loan / Over Draft facilities
  2. Term Loan (Medium term and long term loans)
  3. Working capital / Cash credit advances.

BNon-Fund based Credit Facilities:

  1. Letters of Credits
  2. Letters of Bank Guarantees
  3. Line of Credits (Supplier’s credit and Buyer’s credit)

II Other Services:

Apart from the basic banking products, Maiwand bank provides various kinds of financial and non-financial services to meet the requirements of the customers:

  1. Transfer of funds from and to across the globe through the SWIFT, the most secured and speedy mode of communication.
  2. Issuance of Drafts , pay orders and any other types of payment services.
  3. Collection of cheques / Draft / pay orders and bill and any other documents.
  4. Money exchange services at fair and latest exchange rates.
  5. Separate counters for WESTERN UNION services for fast & easy money transfers from and to across the globe.
  6. payment and collection services for Foreign inward and outward bills for the export and import transactions.
  7. providing latest and innovative delivery channels viz. internet banking, ATM, SMS and mobile banking.
  8. Providing facilities for both online and counter payment of all utility payments viz payment of Municipal taxes, electricity bills, remittance of various taxes to the Government of Afghanistan.
 For specific products & services under various schemes, refer the relevant scheme or visit us at or contact Branch Manager or Marketing Manager.

All other guidelines of the Bank regarding photographs, introduction, nomination facility, KYC norms, etc., are applicable to all the above demand deposit and time deposit accounts. Customer-ID creation and Account Opening Forms are to be completed in all the aspects before opening of any of the above deposit accounts.

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