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Board of Management of Maiwand Bank

The Management Board of Maiwand Bank comprises of qualified and experienced banking professionals from the neighbouring countries, with specific focus on the relevant areas of banking, who will take the responsibility of execution and management of the banking activities in strict compliance of the Banking and other laws in providing the guidance to the Board of Supervisors in the right direction towards the Vision and Mission of the Bank.

1. President & CEO : Chairman of the Board of Management .(duly approved by DAB)

P V V Rama Raju B.Com, L.L.B, L.L.M, CA-IIB, PG-Taxation, IRDA, AMFI, NCFM.

Mr. Rama Raju, had been approved by the authorities of Da Afghanistan Bank (central bank) for the position of President & CEO of Maiwand Bank, who has been associating with the Founder Chairman of the bank Dr Fraidoon since preliminary stage and involved in every aspect in establishing the bank. Mr Rama Raju as President & CEO of the bank is the Chairman of the Board of Management and responsible to establish the sound banking principles and strong fundamentals in providing advises, guidance and support to the Board of Supervisors. He has been in Afghanistan Banking industry for last 3 years and thoroughly aware of the Afghanistan Banking laws as well as international banking laws and practices.
Mr Rama Raju, a well qualified and experienced commercial banker, was associating with PUNJAB NATIONAL BANK the oldest, largest and biggest Nationlised Bank in INDIA for a period of 20 years from 1986 to 2006 at all field levels and functional levels of the bank as a Trade Finance & Marketing officer, Manager, Auditor and Faculty member. He entered the banking profession with graduation in commerce and shown lots of interest in upgrading the academic qualification and continued the zeal to specialize in the areas of Banking, Law, Taxation, Insurance, Mutual Funds and Depository services.

2. Chief Operations Officer: Member of the Board of Management.(duly approved by DAB)

Mr. Bipul Dutta, B.Sc, CA IIB. Mr Dutta is a qualified and experienced banker for more than 35 years in a senior management level with Central Bank of India (commercial Bank) and had a varied field and functional experience in commercial banking with specialization in Trade Finance and Credit. He also had an experience in Banks corporate Head Office and also at the International Banking Division of the banks Head Office.

3. Chief Credit Officer : Member of the Board of Management (duly approved by DAB)

Mr. G Devadas, M.Sc, CAIIB, Certified in Risk Management. Mr Devadas is a qualified and experienced banker from Indian Banking industry with commercial banking experience of more than 20 years. He had a rich experience in Credit, Audit and administration of the commercial banking activities. He is a specialist banker for Micro finance credit activities.

4. Chief Finance Officer : Member of the Board of Management (Duly approved by DAB))

Mr. Alok Kumar Aggarwal (MBA, AIII, Hons. Diploma in Network Centered Computing) is a qualified and experienced banker with rich international experience including the Middle East. He has previously worked in varied roles ranging to Senior Management/Director with leading international banking and financial services firms.

Chief of Audit Committee of Maiwand Bank ( Duly approved by DAB)

Mr. S Satyamoorthy, Retd. Deputy Controller & Auditor General of India. Mr. Satyamoorthy is a very senior level executive in the rank and capacity of Permanent Secretary to Government of India & Chairman, Government Accounts Standard Advisory Board. He hold various distinguished key positions in the Indian Government Administrative and Civil services viz. Chairman of Audit Board, Financial advisor, Ministry of Education, India, Member board of audit in Food Corporation of INDIA, Accountant General-Taxation, Principal Director-scientific establishments, Provident Fund Advisor, Member secretary-Shipping Development fund, Deputy Director-Budget, Deputy accountant general-Human resources, Asst. Accountant General Salary administration etc. He had also held various key positions, as advisor/consultant, at various international agencies like, UNDP, ADB, WORLD BANK and various other international socio economic projects of NGOs

Chief Internal Auditor Independent Audit Advisor to the Board (Duly approved by DAB)
Mr. Muhammad Abdul Basit (ACA, CIA, CFC, APA) is well qualified and experienced in banking audits. He has more than 7 years audit and assurance experience in Pakistan.

Senior Advisor to the Board of Supervisor
In order to bring professionalism to the Board with more transparency, Maiwand Bank appointed Mr P K Khanna, well qualified and internationally experienced banker as a Senior Advisor to the Board. His knowledge and experience, at various key positions in international banking, will be useful for the bank in identifying territories for various business equations with strategic out look..

Chief Compliance Officer Independent reporting to DAB / FINTRACA (Duly approved by DAB)
Mr Mohammad Azhand Naim Kabeer B A (English), DBA Mr Azhand is qualified and well trained in the areas of AML / CFT / KYC guidelines and well versed with the Anti Money Laundering process and procedure.

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